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Bernard & Marguerite are the Owners of this ThousandSpringsWinery now known as Feathered Winds.

Bernard Janes  

Bernard Janes

After running a successful lodging and winery unit, we are heading to build a successful blog for Wine Enthusiast. 

I have been making and tasting Wine for the last 3 decades, and now I have enough experience to share with all Wine lovers over the internet.  

We will talk about Wine Storage Methods, Wine Facts, and, most importantly, Wine fridges & Cellars, which are most important for storing wines in the long term. I had more than 3 Wine Fridges at Resort, and now, playing around with them, I know the ins and outs of Wine refrigerators.

Marguerite Janes

Marguerite Janes

Helping Bernard managing the winery, I have learned a lot from him about wines. From serving food and wine to our guests at Thousandspringwinery to helping him build this blog on Internet I have a total exprience of around 10+ years. We have welcomed more than 5000+ guests in these years and now I know what people prefer to eat with wine.

As you sip your wine, I will share some of the best food you can have. The Wine Pairing Category is what I’m gonna write on more.

We would love to share all the information related to wine with you to turn your wine-sipping experience into a memorable one. 

About Thousand Springs Winery 

Thousand Springs Winery Bed and Breakfast is located six miles south of Hagerman on scenic Highway 30 (we now have a drive-in for wine and no longer have lodging available)

I’ve never seen so many different birds in one place while sitting on my patio. My wife, Marguerite, and I are pleased to have moved to the Thousand Springs area and opened a little bit of paradise here on the river to share with travelers.

It had lodging stays with river and waterfall views. Thousand Springs Winery was the best place to be on weekends for kayakers, canoeists, fishermen, birdwatchers, and stargazers. 

Winery Pic
Bernard and Marguerite at Thousand Springs Winery