Wine Fridge is Not Cooling [6 Working Solutions]

Wine Fridge is Not Cooling

After working hard all day, the only thing kept you going was the thought of opening your favorite chilled wine bottle at home.

Upon arriving home, you hurry to take out your awaited wine bottle from the wine cooler, but you find it’s not chilled.

Besides being irritated, you are wondering what’s wrong.

And, you’ll want to know why it isn’t chilled – and how to fix it. Here I’ve given six common reasons your wine fridge isn’t working properly and what to do about them.

Why my Wine Fridge is Not Cooling? 

It does not matter whether an appliance is new or old, they all run the risk of becoming faulty and stopping cooling suddenly. As electrical appliances, wine fridges are also subject to this rule.

Wine stored in a malfunctioning cooler is at risk of spoiling due to the warm temperatures. This can result in the loss of your investment since these wines can no longer be consumed, or they get spoilt.

If you wish to avoid significant losses, the wine cooler should be fixed as soon as possible. For this, you need to identify the problem to fix it.

If you own any of these brands then you should read our detailed guide as we have addressed wine cooler not cooling issues by brands –

It’s okay; I’ve listed the most common causes and solutions for inoperable coolers. 

Why Compressor Wine Fridge Not Cooling 

The following are the most common reasons (and solutions) for compressor-based wine fridges not maintaining temperature. 

Condensor Fan is not Working 

A fan cools the condenser coil and condenser in the compressor.

It turns in sync with the entire system; when it doesn’t, the condenser and coil may overheat.

The system elements will eventually transfer heat to the interior of the cabinet. This will warm your delicious wine along with the entire system.


Cheer up! It’s not a big deal and is one of the most common issues. All you need to do is ensure the condenser fan is spinning freely and that it’s not obstructed by anything or making noise.

Clean your fan regularly to keep it running smoothly and efficiently – a simple task you can do yourself as debris and dust can accumulate and prevent the blades from spinning. 

Also, if it is broken or damaged, the fan can be easily reinstalled by simply unscrewing the nuts, removing it, and replacing it with a new fan.

Evaporator Coils 

Another possibility is that a broken evaporator is causing your wine cooler to not cool. Possibly due to ice buildup. Additionally, this element has a fan that may become dirty or clogged. 


If there is ice building on it, you should clean it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The evaporator can be easily cleaned if there is ice on it. Just make sure the ice melts before plugging in the cooler.

Thermostat is set to High 

If none of the above are the causes, a malfunctioning thermostat or a thermostat set too high may be why your wine cooler isn’t working properly. 

Thermostats supply power to components to control and adjust the refrigerator’s temperature, so if one is broken, the interior becomes too hot or too cold.


Sadly there is no hack or solution for this. A thermostat cannot be fixed. To get your fridge working again, you will need to replace it.

Why Thermoelectric Wine Fridge Not Cooling 

And here, I’ve mentioned the three common issues that cause thermoelectric wine fridges to struggle with temperature.

Improper Room Temperature 

Room temperature may be causing your thermoelectric wine cooler problems. Compressor systems maintain a cooler temperature more effectively than this type of cooler. Between 50 degrees and 80 degrees is the ideal room temperature. Wine fridges won’t function effectively in rooms hotter than the ideal temperature.


The great news is that a simple adjustment can quickly restore the cooler to full performance.

All you need to do is turn up the air conditioner or move the cooler to a room with lower temperatures.

Ventilation Problems 

If the room temperature is set, but there is an issue, poor ventilation may be the culprit. It is important to remember that thermoelectric wine fridges force heat out of their systems. For hot air to dissipate efficiently, there should be plenty of space. A blocked heat sink will prevent the unit from expelling heat properly, causing the cabinet to become very warm inside.


The solution to this problem is logical.

That’s right; you are smart. You simply have to make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Ensure that there is proper ventilation, and your problem will be solved.

Faulty Fan 

In the same way as the compressor wine fridge, the thermoelectric wine cooler also comes with fans.

They distribute the cold air inside the cabinet more evenly and dissipate the heat outside more efficiently. However, if the fan has become clogged with materials or disconnected from the assembly, problems can arise.


This solution is straightforward to implement.

Clean it, and ensure that the fan is free of obstructions. Also, ensure that it is securely connected to the fridge. And if the fan is already broken, replace it.

If you are not able to do it alone, then you can call technician and you can check our guide on Cost to Repair Wine Fridge.

How do you Reset Wine Fridge?

The quickest thing that would come to an individual if the electrical appliance, that is, the wine cooler in our case, stops working is to reset the machine. How can that be done? Well, don’t worry! I’m here to help you through that.

To hard reset the wine cooler unit, follow these steps:

  1. Place a glass of water inside the unit for 24 hours to test the liquid temperature. 
  2. For the most accurate reading, place a glass of water in the unit’s center. 
  3. Using a calibrated thermometer, check the water temperature after 24 hours.
  4. A hard reset is necessary if the temperature is too high. 
  5. Start by unplugging the wine cooler unit from the wall for 45 minutes.
  6. Connect the unit back to the and turn it on. Resetting the wine cooler in this manner can be sufficient to restore normal operation.
  7. You can contact the wine cooler manufacturer if the hard reset fails.


Keeping wine cool is the goal of both thermoelectric and compressor wine coolers. With precise temperature control and the ability to store many bottles of wine, these two types of wine cooler offer various features and benefits. However, they might malfunction in rare cases.

Just follow the tips and guidelines mentioned above in these rare scenarios and you will be able to handle this rare situation.